Nik brings more than 12 years of professional design and planning experience to Houseal Lavigne Associates and as a Principal manages much of the firm’s versatile studio work, as well as hones skill specializations in urban design, landscape architecture, site plan development, streetscape design, and sustainability planning, from the individual lot level up to the regional scale. He provides the connection between the planmaking process and document creation, focusing on concept and site design, graphics, document layout, geographic information and cartographic renderings, and urban-form 3d modeling, using a breadth of software tools and drafting techniques.

Nik has a diverse background in urban planning and design with experience in the preparation of research and inventory materials, site analysis maps, framework plans, preparation of conceptual development plans for a full range of residential, commercial, mixed-use, office and industrial park developments, and commercial corridors. Nik has extensive experience in landscape and planting design which includes conducting site visits and creating inventory and analysis maps, developing project bases, drafting general development and preliminary plans, producing hand and computer rendered sketches and plans, and submitting construction documents, specifications, plant list schedules, and cost estimates for review and installation.

Prior to joining Houseal Lavigne Associates, Nik worked for consulting firms specializing in landscape architecture, streetscape design, urban design, zoning, and development planning. Nik has a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University. He is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and some of his past work has been awarded recognition in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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