As a certified planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners, Carly brings a diverse background, including thirteen years of public-service centered on economic development, zoning, and planning. Carly is guided by an avid interest in the fields of urban planning, planning theory, geography, and land use, as well as her professional goal to develop plans and ordinances that provide viable, implementable, and user-friendly assets and strategies to the communities in which she works. Her project strengths are derived from two distinct viewpoints; (1) from experience contributing to comprehensive, downtown, special area, and transportation plans for public use and (2) from administering ordinances as a community planner. Her specialization is in functional planning, building an understanding of community context, and translating that information into clear, workable plans, tools, and ordinances. To fulfill client’s goals, Carly focuses on the connection between place and desired results to deliver objective and balanced solutions.

Prior to her position with Houseal Lavigne Associates, Carly began her career at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), specializing in the use of planning technology in land development projects. At NYCEDC, Carly assisted internal departments and City agencies as an urban planner and technician, providing support in GIS, spatial and 3d technology to public projects, plans, and strategies. When Hurricane Sandy made impact in 2012, she led an important effort to contribute to the City’s resiliency plan. As a result of that experience,

Carly has seen first-hand the effects community resolve can have during a project, and the impact that public involvement can make in the planning process.
In 2013, Carly and her family relocated to Bloomington, Indiana—the home of Indiana University. As senior planner for Monroe County, she provided oversight, evaluation and project coordination on development projects, zoning requests, and subdivision petitions. She has represented and reported on public petitions to various government committees and boards and is skilled at relating ordinance requirements clearly and effectively.

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