To support the visioning process, we are launching another round of sMap with an updated legend. Participants in this round will help envision a better future for Aurora by focusing on important “quality of life” topics which were identified by residents in the first round of outreach participation. Even if you have already completed a map through sMap, we highly encourage everyone to create a new map for this new visioning round of outreach.

sMap is a fun and engaging online tool where residents can map out the issues and opportunities facing their community. With sMap, residents can place thousands of points of interest to be identified, categorized, and mapped, which is bringing together ideas in a way never before possible.

sMap is a public outreach tool, allowing residents, stakeholders, and other participants to provide feedback and comments tied spatially to a point or area. In essence, the tool provides a way for anyone to create a map of their community, identifying their own issues, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats. It responds to a fundamental shift in the habits and attitudes of residents who seek to do nearly everything online.

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