Plan Outreach

During the summer and fall of this year, consultants conducted meetings with Park District staff and the Board, as well as program user focus groups for all age groups and sister agencies. These meetings were very productive in gathering information on current programming and facility condition, as well as the current strengths and weaknesses of the District.

The consultants also performed a comprehensive review of the Park District parks and facilities to assess current physical conditions.

The consultants will be compiling all of this data to create a full report of the current status of the Bensenville Park District parks, facilities, programming and demographics. This will establish the benchmark used to collaborate with the Park District on the goals and recommendations in the final Strategic Master Plan, which will provide the District with a guide for parks, open space, and recreation for the next 10-20 years. It will detail a long-term vision and policy to improve existing facilities, make necessary expansions, and provide the community with opportunities to actively enjoy the natural environment.