Brentwood 20/20 is the City’s Comprehensive Plan update, a guide for Brentwood’s future!

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Brentwood 20/20, the Comprehensive Plan for Brentwood, will serve as the City’s official guide for land use and development over the next 10-20 years. It will be Brentwood’s “road map,” detailing a long-term vision and policy agenda for important issues like land use, housing, parks, infrastructure, transportation, and more. Ultimately, the Plan will answer: “what should Brentwood look like in 10-20 years and how to we get there?”

Why is the City updating its Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Brentwood last adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 2006, which set a vision for the community into the 2020s. But a lot has changed in recent years, both with new development and growth in Brentwood, while the St. Louis region and United States weathered a major national recession. Certain projects, such as the extension of Strassner Drive, were completed, while others have not yet been implemented.

In 2015, the City of Brentwood completed a review of the existing 2006 Comprehensive Plan, culminating in the the Comprehensive Plan Review Report. This report determined that the City should author a new Comprehensive Plan that is more responsive to contemporary trends and best able to guide the City moving forward.

What are the contents of a Comprehensive Plan?

A typical Comprehensive Plan outlines the existing conditions of the City, describes future goals and objectives for development, and includes an action plan on how to achieve these goals and objectives. Upon its completion, Brentwood 20/20 will include sections regarding land use and development; residential, commercial, and industrial areas; residential design guidelines; transportation and mobility; open space, recreation; and environmental features; community facilities and infrastructure; image, identity, and community character; sustainability; economic development, and an implementation strategy.

How can I get involved?

Community outreach and citizen participation should serve as a cornerstone of any successful planning process since the best plans are the result of community input. The Get Involved page of this website describes all the opportunities available to give your input, including public meetings, community workshops, online surveys, and questionnaires. The News & Updates page will list meeting dates and times throughout the process as they are scheduled. Finally, materials from meetings and more information detailing the Comprehensive Plan Review process can be found on the Documents page.

When will the Comprehensive Plan be completed?

The initial phases of the project have already begun! It is estimated that the planning process will take roughly 10 months, and will conclude in Summer of 2017. The process will conclude with a review by the Planning and Zoning Commission and official adoption by the Board of Aldermen.