Background Information for the Update to the Comprehensive Plan

The first step in beginning the process to update the Village’s Comprehensive Plan is gathering of important background information and data. The Village has several existing plans and studies that will help guide the update to the Comprehensive Plan. The update to the Plan will be built upon these past initiatives, including:

The Downtown Strategic Plan
The Downtown Streetscape and Parking Study
The Central Business District Housing Impact Study
Central Business District TIF Redevelopment Plan
Roosevelt Road TIF Redevelopment Plan
The 2017 National Community Survey Results for Glen Ellyn
The Central Business District Traffic Study
Community Signage and Wayfinding plan
Pedestrian and Vehicular Over/Under Pass in the Central Business District
Roosevelt Road Streetscape Plan and Assessment
Metra Station Improvements

For a copy of any of these plans, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 630-547-5250.