The Issues and Opportunities Memo is available

The Issues and Opportunities Memorandum (IOM) is an interim report which summarizes the initial steps of the planning process for the Gunnison 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The IOM was presented to the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee for feedback on June 3, 2019.

The report contains information and documentation collected and analyzed during the initial steps of the planning process and identifies positive aspects of the community as well as subjects of concern to the residents and other Gunnison stakeholders.

The IOM summarizes existing and applicable Gunnison planning efforts, studies, and reports. It provides a brief demographic overview, examines current zoning and development controls, and provides a picture of current land use and development patterns in the City. Existing conditions for housing, community facilities, infrastructure, transportation, environmental features, and growth areas are examined.

To view the Issues and Opportunities Memo, click here.