One Jackson establishes a blueprint for our future – a new Civic Master Plan that that will guide the City in its decision making for the next 20 years.

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a blueprint for the future. It is a community vision that is intended to guide the City for the next 20 years. The Master Plan will result in a set of policies that direct future growth and development. Additionally, the creation of a Plan can lead to potential strategies that will help effectively guide City leaders with making substantive and thoughtful decisions for the community.

What are the contents of a Master Plan?

A typical Master Plan outlines the existing conditions of the City, describes future goals and objectives for development, and includes an action plan on how to achieve these goals and objectives. Jackson’s Master Plan includes sections on land use and development, key subareas of the City, a growth and annexation framework plan, a transportation and mobility plan, an open space and environmental features plan, a community facilities and infrastructure plan, and an image and community character plan.

We already have other plans. What happened to those?

Existing plans are an important part of the Master Plan process. These Plans have been used to inform the Master Plan, and in some cases were be incorporated into the plan where the goals and vision were still consistent with the community’s aspirations.

When was the Plan completed?

The One Jackson Civic Master Plan was adopted on August 4, 2015.

Who was involved in creating the Comprehensive Plan?

As the blueprint for the City, it was critical that all Jackson’s stakeholders are involved in the development of the Master Plan. The City was committed to involving residents, businesses, and workers in the process to craft a common community vision for Jackson’s future. Numerous partner agencies were involved in creating the plan and an Advisory Committee was also created to oversee the development of the Comprehensive Plan. The Master Plan was ultimately approved by the Regional Planning Commission and Jackson City Council.

Jerry Gist

Jackson City Council
Vicky Foote, District 1
Johnny Lee Dodd, District 2
Ernest Brooks II, District 3
Harvey Buchanan, District 4
Scott Conger, District 5
Charles “Pepper” Bray, District 6
Randy Wallace, District 7
Charles Rahm, District 8
David Cisco, District 9

Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission
Jerry Gist, Mayor
Keith Absher, Chairman
Jerry Day, Vice Chairman
Wayne Arnold
Christopher Edwards
Valerie Garrett-Cole
Monola Patterson
Linda Sparks
Randy Wallace

Civic Master Plan Advisory Committee
Kyle Spurgeon
Jim Ferrell
Charles Baldwin
Monte Jones
Randy Wallace
Joel Jackson
Mace Payne
Abbie Hinton

Contributing Partners
Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce
Mayor’s Hospitality Committee
City Hall Building Staff
City of Jackson Information Systems
City of Jackson Planning Staff
South Jackson Community Center Staff
Fellowship Bible Church
Stakeholders and Citizens of Jackson