The City of University City is preparing an update to its 2005 Comprehensive Plan – a plan that will guide the City in its decision making for the next 10-20 years.

What is a Comprehensive Plan Update?

A Comprehensive Plan Update is a blueprint for the future. It is a community vision that is intended to guide the City for the next 10-20 years. The update to the Comprehensive Plan will result in a set of policies that direct future growth and development. Additionally, a Plan update can lead to potential strategies that will help effectively guide City leaders with making substantive and thoughtful decisions for the community.

What are the contents of an updated Comprehensive Plan?

A typical Comprehensive Plan Update outlines the existing conditions of the City, describes future goals and objectives for development, and includes an action plan on how to achieve these goals and objectives. University City’s updated Comprehensive Plan will include sections on land use and development; key subareas of the City; a neighborhoods/housing, commercial, and industrial framework; a transportation, mobility, and parking plan; an open space, recreation, and environmental features plan; a community facilities, infrastructure, and capital improvements framework; and an implementation and economic development strategy.

Who is involved in creating the Comprehensive Plan Update?

As the blueprint for the City, it is critical that all of University City’s stakeholders are involved in the development of the updated Comprehensive Plan. The City is committed to involving residents, businesses, and workers in the process in order to craft a common community vision for University City’s future. Ultimately, the Comprehensive Plan Update will be considered for approval and adoption by the University City Plan Commission and City Council.

We already have other plans. What will happen to those?

Existing plans are an important part of the updating process. These plans will inform the Comprehensive Plan Update, and in some cases will be incorporated into the plan if the goals and vision are still consistent with the community’s aspirations. This Plan is intended to serve as an update to the 2005 Comprehensive Plan.

When will the planning process start and when will it be completed?

The initial phases began with the kick-off meetings in May 2014, with an 18-24 month planning process anticipated.

How can I get involved in the process?

It is important to get involved in all the Comprehensive Plan Update activities, from data collection, to community visioning and mapping, to creation of community goals and objectives. The Get Involved page of this website describes all the opportunities available to give your input, including public meetings, online surveys and questionnaires, and an interactive mapping tool. The News & Updates  page will list meeting dates and times throughout the process as they are scheduled. Finally, materials from meetings and more information detailing the Comprehensive Plan process can be found on the Project Documents page.