Community Workshop

The Walker Master Plan cannot be completed without the participation of residents, property owners, and other stakeholders from throughout the community. Your input and ideas are important, and the City needs to hear what you have to say.

The first opportunity for the entire community to get involved will be a Community Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to allow residents to provide input, before any plans or recommendations are formulated. The workshop will: (a) review the purpose of the Walker Comprehensive Plan, the planning process to be undertaken, and the schedule for the project; and (b) hear resident’s views on problems, issues, and assets within the community.

Community Workshop: May 30, 2018 5-7 pm at City of Walker Commission Chambers 4243 Remembrance Road, NW 



Business Workshop

The Business Workshop is an opportunity for business owners and managers to discuss issues and challenges related to Walker. The workshop will help establish a dialogue and obtain feedback from those members of the business community that have a unique insight and perspective, and whose assistance and involvement will be critical to plan implementation.

Business Workshop: TBD