Chicago’s Houseal Lavigne Associates Receives Prestigious National Planning Award

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Washington, D.C. – Houseal Lavigne Associates, an urban planning and community development consulting firm based in Chicago, will receive the 2014 National Planning Excellence Award for an Emerging Planning & Design Firm from the American Planning Association.  The Emerging Planning & Design Firm award honors a young planning and design firm that has helped elevate […]

St. Charles Comp Plan Wins Award

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The City of St. Charles straddles the picturesque Fox River 40 miles west of the City of Chicago. It is a community with a rich history, an engaged citizenry, historic architecture, and strong sense of community pride. Since being settled in the early 19th century, St. Charles has gone from the camp of just a […]

Really?! – Sidewalk Rage III

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I saw a few more “Ped-Peeves” that I wanted to write about.

Making the “Big Idea” into a Viable Project

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Many communities brainstorm “big ideas” and then immediately pursue plans, development regulations, incentive tools, etc. to achieve them. But an all-in approach to development can lead to misplaced resources in projects that lack feasibility. On May 23, Dan Gardner will join a panel at an APA Chicago Metro Section event to discuss how things can go wrong in the planning process, and what can be done to avoid missteps and create community inspired, market viable projects.

Really?! – Sidewalk Rage II

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As a continuation of a previous blog about “ped-peeves”, here are a few more I've seen over the last few months worth adding to the list. I will continue to watch for more and post them as they happen.

Evolution of a Corridor: Learning from Past Practices

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Over the course of the last 20 years, the Randall Road Corridor has blossomed into a regional commercial center on the west side of the Chicago Region. A review of the different development patterns along the corridor reveals how some communities have learned from others.

Really?! – Sidewalk Rage

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As a pedestrian, I have started to chronicle all the pedestrian and vehicular conflicts I see on my daily commute to work. Over the next few months I will be posting my series of "Ped-Peeves" and try to expose these ridiculous scenarios.

Downers Grove’s Comprehensive Plan wins Best Plan

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The Downers Grove Comprehensive Plan, prepared by HLA, has won the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan.

Road Diet For Dummies

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A pretty funny animation of a situation any planner can empathize with.

Planning Law and Practice CM Event-Chicago

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Houseal Lavigne & Ancel Glink are hosting a free planning law and zoning event on Friday, June 22. The session has been approved for 3 CM credits, including 1.5 Law credits.