The Settlers of the United States of Catan

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Houseal Lavigne Transforms the National Land Cover geospatial data into the iconic board game Settlers of Catan I wanted to share a poster and process my team and I completed for the Map Gallery at Esri’s User Conference this past July. While we managed to win an award for another map, one I’ll share in a few […]

Esri Partners Make Ports, Events, and Cities Run Efficiently

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Esri Partners Make Ports, Events, and Cities Run Efficiently Esri PartnersSpring 2019 Esri partners are breaking fresh ground with ArcGIS implementations that span countries, industries, purposes, and capabilities. From creating a city’s comprehensive master plan and instituting enterprise GIS at a critical port to building apps for a big event and making street-level imagery more […]

Make Game Maps with CityEngine

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You know those times when you’re just enjoying a normal day and minding your own business and out of nowhere, Devin Lavigne from Houseal Lavigne sends you an Email with some content that just simply blows your mind!Well, that’s exactly what happened to me last week and I just knew I had to write a […]

A 3D Model Provides the Vision to Combat Blight

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Oshkosh reimagines lakefront and wins back basketball in the process. Key takeaways 3D visualization captures the community imagination to spur a revitalization effort. Sports give a community an identity to rally around. A shared vision speeds renewal plans. Sometimes a compelling 3D visualization of what your city can become spurs an immediate redevelopment opportunity. That […]

John Dillinger, Johnny Depp, & John Houseal

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What do 1920s gangster John Dillinger, actor Johnny Depp, and firm co-founder John Houseal have in common? This week, Houseal Lavigne Associates moves into its new home on the second floor the Randolph Tower, located on the corner of Randolph and Wells within Downtown Chicago. Here are some fun facts about the historic skyscraper, formerly […]

You’re Doing it Wrong

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What makes an expert? This morning I was at the gym taking a swim. I was in a lane next to a kid, maybe 12-13 years old, who was getting coached by a young woman. As a former collegiate water polo player and high school swim coach, I noticed the woman’s coaching methods were not […]

Ticket that @s$#%&, not the cyclist…

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There is a renewed commitment within cities across the country to make it safer and more convenient to get around on a bike. Dedicated on-street bike lanes are an important component of this effort, together with strategies that include bike sharing programs, sharrows, better bike safety and awareness programs, and so on. However, once bike […]

Really?! Sidewalk Rage IV

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Nearly every single trip made by nearly every single person on the planet begins and ends with walking. I myself left car-centric California for the (mostly) pedestrian-oriented streets of Chicago. Since I gave up my car, I walk, take transit, and ride a bike to get around the city. While walking is not my sole […]

Why Building a City on Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t a Good Idea

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I have two kids under the age of 4, so with the recent bout of super cold weather, I have been watching more than my fair share of “family movies”. These include the usual Disney hits as well as several films featuring the Muppets that I have now seen dozens of times. This past Sunday, […]