Honey and Vinegar

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If not, it might be time to update your comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan is a road map for decision-making. It accomplishes this by establishing a clear vision, developing guiding principles and identifying areas appropriate for certain types of land uses.

AICP Exam Prep

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It’s that time again…preparing for the AICP exam.  Here are some tips that recent test takers found particularly useful: Attend your Chapter’s review session, if for no other reason than to get you into “study mode” and to obtain a copy of the Chapter Presidents Council prep CD. The exam, to some degree, has a […]

Opposition to Street Trees

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In some communities, engineers have successful argued that street trees are harmful and that no landscaping should be installed in the right-of-way. Never mind the plethora of data supporting the benefits, common sense should be enough to persuade the decision makers to see the benefits and revise their codes and subdivision regulations to include street trees as a requirement.