Planning Myths Debunked

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There are many myths that surround urban planning. Some are about the profession in general: planning is slow, costly, and unnecessary. Others are in regard to specific projects and planning areas: density, transportation, parks, parking, etc.

As planners, we try to educate the public through a robust public outreach and participation process. However, sometimes all the technical and educational expertise, cited studies, and years of experience do little to sway many planning myths. The basic human instinct to follow patterns makes for passionate advocates when it may come to potential changes to those everyday patterns. Given this, I call for another approach: Mythbusters. Yes, the loveable duo on the Discovery Channel who debunk common myths through hand-on experiments. If they can settle the great debate of roundabout vs. 4-way stop, why should they stop there?! Adam and Jamie and their explosive, pyrotechnic team should tackle every planning myth out there!

Click here to see the full segment.

Boom! Planning myths debunked.

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