Ticket that @s$#%&, not the cyclist…

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There is a renewed commitment within cities across the country to make it safer and more convenient to get around on a bike. Dedicated on-street bike lanes are an important component of this effort, together with strategies that include bike sharing programs, sharrows, better bike safety and awareness programs, and so on. However, once bike lanes are provided for cyclists, are they property protected for their intended use?

It is not uncommon for police to issue warnings or tickets to cyclists and skaters for riding in areas where such activity is prohibited. In fact, the ticketing of cyclists is on the rise as the popularity or urban cycling increases. However, is there a rise in the number of tickets being issued to those who obstruct the bike lanes? Maybe cities should focus their efforts on ticketing those that prevent the bike lanes from being used as intended.

In this short video, Casey Neistat humorously and painfully makes a good point regard the ticketing priorities of cities and the challenge of navigating the unintended urban obstacle course.

Enjoy…and thank you Casey.


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