Esri Recognizes Glen Ellyn 3D Development Viewer with Special Achievement in GIS Award

Posted by on Jun 20, 2021 in Headlines

Houseal Lavigne is proud to announce that our work with Glen Ellyn and their Immersive 3D Development Viewer has been recognized by Esri with a Special Achievement in GIS Award.

Downtown is the heart of Glen Ellyn and this Chicago suburb’s central business district and source of community pride. The area is home to dozens of businesses and numerous residents that reside in mixed-use and multi-family buildings scattered throughout the area. Maintaining the established and desirable character has been paramount in the community and has created a challenge for new development and investment that has been considered necessary to strengthen downtown’s vibrancy. With concerns and opposition to proposed height, architecture, parking location, and building materials, local developers often faced challenging approvals. Village planners believed GIS and a 3D planning tool would allow them to better evaluate proposals, and that an immersive game-like experience could allow elected officials and decision makers better evaluate the appropriateness of a development within this important place in their community. Using ArcGIS Pro, CityEngine, and Unreal Engine, Esri partners Houseal Lavigne Associates transformed the community’s GIS information into a rich and immersive 3D environment. Developers are now required to submit 3D models with their application, and Glen Ellyn’s Immersive 3D Development Viewer is used to examine building setbacks and heights, architectural character, and views from adjacent properties and the public realm.

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