Houseal Lavigne specializes in all aspects of community planning, urban design, and economic development. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled support, responsiveness, and creativity to our clients’ planning, design, and development related concerns. Our Firm is built on a foundation of excellence in customer service, strong professional relationships, and a commitment to innovation.

Our fresh approach to planning and design, our familiarity with contemporary development practices, our proficiency with emerging technologies, and our ability to conduct engaging community outreach provides a uniquely effective and vital resource to clients. Having worked with more than 400 communities across the US, all our assignments incorporate a highly illustrative and graphically compelling approach to communicating planning and development concepts. Our firm specializes in plans that are visionary and viable – pushing the creative envelope while being grounded in market and economic realities.



John Houseal, FAICP

Nik Davis, AICP

Robert Kain
Practice Lead

Jackie Wells, AICP
Practice Lead

Daniel Tse, AICP
Senior Planner

Devin Lavigne, FAICP, LEED AP


Rob Stauder
Practice Lead – GIS Analyst/Developer

Brandon Nolin, AICP
Practice Lead

Josh Koonce, AICP
Senior Planner

Trisha Parks, AICP
Senior Planner


Houseal Lavigne Associates is founded on a set of core principles that, when combined with our professional experience and expertise, creates a consultant firm that stands above the rest. We have succeeded in establishing a collaborative team of experts dedicated to injecting community planning, economic development, and urban design with an unparalleled level of commitment, attention, and responsiveness.

Better Community Outreach

We believe strongly in fostering a sense of “community stewardship” by using an inclusive approach to citizen outreach and participation as a foundation for our planning projects.

Commitment to Creativity

We believe vision and creativity are among the most important components of good planning and design, and we pledge to provide fresh, responsive, and intriguing ideas for local consideration.

Graphic Communication

We believe all planning processes and documents should utilize a highly illustrative and graphic approach to better communicate planning and development concepts in a user friendly, easy to understand, and attractive manner.

Technology Integration

We believe that the integration of appropriate technologies should be used to improve the planning process and product – improving communication and involvement with the public, gathering and assessing vital information, and producing more effective documents and recommendations.

Client Satisfaction

We believe client satisfaction is our top priority and strive to achieve it by developing and maintaining strong professional relationships, being responsive to clients’ concerns and aspirations, and always aiming to exceed expectations