Nik is a Principal at Houseal Lavigne, bringing with him over 15 years of professional design and planning experience. He manages much of the firm’s versatile studio work, as well as hones skill specializations in urban design, planning, geodesign, landscape architecture, site plan development, streetscape design, and Euclidean and form-based development regulations. Nik provides the connection between the plan making process and document creation, focusing on concept and site design, visualizations, document layout, and urban-form 3D modeling, using a breadth of drafting techniques and software tools.

Nik received his Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University. Prior to joining Houseal Lavigne, Nik worked for consulting firms specializing in development planning, urban design, streetscape design, zoning, and landscape architecture, where he was awarded recognition in sustainability and environmental stewardship by the Illinois Chapter of ASLA.

Nik enjoys the challenge of ensuring that plan recommendations and zoning ordinances correlate to what gets built, and therefore works to ensure that community goals and urban design expectations are grounded in reality and site-based limitations. He approaches his role as a problem solver, acting to understand how a community’s local history and current challenges can be improved through technical tools, such as design guidelines, zoning codes, and development regulations. Through projects like Traverse City, Michigan’s corridor master planning project and Baltimore, Maryland’s zoning code revision, Nik was able to create graphics and documents that navigate the reader from public input and problem identification, to goal setting and recommended action, in a way that is elevated by high-quality illustrations and document layout.

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