Josh is a Project Manager at Houseal Lavigne and brings seven years of public and private sector experience in the areas of zoning, mapping, historic preservation, community development, and bicycle planning. His approach to any assignment is anchored by a viewpoint that successful planning requires a wide array of skills and expertise, including data-driven plan communication, a people-oriented approach to transportation, and the integration of technology and visuals in the planning process.

Josh received his Bachelor’s degrees in sociology and English from Trinity Christian College and Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to working at Houseal Lavigne, Josh was the Planner for the Village of Maywood where he applied for and received over $1 million in planning and engineering grant funds, which greatly increased the capacity for implementation of planning initiatives within the community.

Josh has worked closely with residents, developers, architects, engineers, and various municipal departments to bring significant projects through the planning, zoning, and development process. Josh adeptly engages and interfaces with a community and its committees, boards, and commissions; bringing a fresh, outside perspective coupled with an inside, practical understanding of municipal government structures. He has frequently acted as liaison between these types of entities and local community development organizations and coalitions to connect, build relationships, and advocate and defend the vision of any given assignment.

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