Ardmore Unified Development Code

Following completion and adoption of their new Comprehensive Plan, prepared by Houseal Lavigne, the City again retained Houseal Lavigne, this time to prepare a new Unified Development Code (UDC) to help with plan implementation. The City of Ardmore is the largest established community within the Oklahoma side of the multi-county “Texoma” region and the focus of the adopted Plan and new UDC was to maintain growth and development and to spur reinvestment in key commercial areas.

The UDC created new development and design standards for landscaping, site design, parking, screening, signage, and overall character of the built form. In addition to focusing on regulations and best practices aimed at reigniting investment in the Downtown, 12th Avenue, and Rockford Road, the new UDC provided for a greater range of residential options and enhancement standards for the City’s neighborhoods and overall business friendliness.