Bartlett Town Center Improvement Plan

In 2003, construction began on the Bartlett Town Center, a desired mixed-use development to serve as a community focal point, and a place to live, work, shop and dine. It was envisioned that this would be the signature piece of Downtown Bartlett. However, due to a combination of project related issues, timing and the downturn in the economy and the real estate market, the final phase of development was never completed. In 2010 the Village retained the services of Houseal Lavigne Associates to identify TIF eligible improvements at the Town Center site. The focuses of the analysis and redevelopment concepts were on actions that could be implemented quickly without significantly impacting the physical structure of the existing commercial and residential uses, but carry forward “lost” objectives. To date many of the plan’s recommendations have been completed, including a new restaurant, active open space, wayfinding and gateway signage, and new on-street parking, earning the study the 2011 APA-IL Chapter Planning Award for Plan Implementation.

Bartlett Town Center Concept

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