Boulevard Place: Planned Development

    The owner of approximately 170 acres of undeveloped land at the intersection of I-55 and Route 30 in the City of Joliet and Village of Plainfield engaged Houseal Lavigne to develop a plan to transform the area into a hybrid lifestyle shopping center. Houseal Lavigne prepared plans and design guidelines, which were included in the Planned Unit Development application. In the preparation of the materials, Houseal Lavigne balanced the development restrictions imposed by Costco with the regulations of the City of Joliet, and Village of Plainfield in a fiscally responsible manner that was sensitive to the marketplace. The site plan and parking schedule maximize the utility of the site while working within the constraints imposed by IDOT for site access and the design of the internal street network. The design guidelines include standards for signs, landscape, screening, and building and façade design to ensure that the phased development is completed in a manner that is visually and physically cohesive and makes The Boulevard a new destination for shopping and dining in the region.