Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Brownsburg is a quickly growing suburb of Indianapolis. To appropriately manage growth and development and to spur reinvestment in the Town’s commercial areas, the Town engaged Houseal Lavigne Associates to prepare a long-range comprehensive plan. The geographic area of the plan encompassed the Town of Brownsburg and two surrounding townships. In addition to plans for entire community, the Comprehensive Plan also includes detailed plans for 2 key corridors (Main Street and Green Street) and 3 subareas (Downtown, Ronald Reagan Parkway, Nitro Alley). The planning process included several community workshops, including 3 separate visioning charettes with the community. Postcards were created to help popularize the study, and an exhibit booth was created for the Town’s 4th of July Extravaganza. The project also featured an interactive project website, including a visual preference survey and Planning Mapper, an online mapping tool, each prepared by Houseal Lavigne Associates.


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