Carol Stream Unified Development Ordinance

The Village of Carol Stream retained Houseal Lavigne to update and consolidate its zoning, subdivision, and sign regulations into a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) with the goal of aligning regulations with the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, modernizing standards that were originally adopted nearly three decades ago, and improving the overall organization and function of all land development regulations. To accomplish the comprehensive plan’s goal of the continued development of the Ross Ferraro Town Center as a community focal point, a new zoning district was developed to better regulate the unique area.

The Village’s other zoning districts were all examined and repositioned to better accommodate existing development and development identified as desirable in the Comprehensive Plan. For example, two existing districts were consolidated into a new Office and Service District to support the types of employment generating uses recommended in the Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, to improve compatibility of adjacent dissimilar land uses, new landscape and screening standards were established.