Centerton Comprehensive Plan

Located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, Centerton is the fastest growing community in the region with new development proposals submitted every day. Close proximity to major employment opportunities such as Walmart, J.B. Hunt, and Tyson and a relatively low cost of living make Centerton a desirable place to call home. While residential opportunities are prevalent throughout the City, commercial and entertainment uses need to be bolstered to support the growing population.

In an effort to leverage its rapid growth, the City sought an update to its Comprehensive Plan. With an emphasis on effectively managing its growth, the Centerton Comprehensive Plan identifies specific strategies for supporting development while promoting economic expansion to better serve its community. The Plan establishes areas for new housing with an emphasis on affordability, prioritizing locations with access to utilities and services. It also outlines best practices and actions for formalizing an approach to economic development in the City through new businesses incentives, targeted engagement, workforce training, and dedicated partnerships. In addition, the transportation and mobility elements establish a program for developing a complete transportation network, identifying key improvements and new roadway alignments throughout the City. Opportunities to bolster pedestrian and cyclist safety and accessibility as well connect Centerton to the regional trails network are included as well.