Chicago Neighborhoods Now

The Chicago Neighborhoods Now plan brings together the city’s wards, neighborhoods, and previous planning areas to form 16 distinct neighborhoods. The plan is a joint effort by the Chicago Community Trust and the City of Chicago’s Planning and Development Department. A committee consisting of specialists from throughout the region was formed to guide planning efforts, including City staff, planning firms, real estate experts, DePaul University, and other key stakeholders.

As part of the planning initiative, Houseal Lavigne Associates was hired to develop a clear brand and theme for the Chicago Neighborhoods Now Plan. Understanding the plan’s substantial focus and numerous, unique planning areas, Houseal Lavigne Associates was asked to complete plan sections for the Calumet and North Lakefront planning areas. The purpose of these sections was to establish a style guide for the entire Chicago Neighborhoods Now document, enabling other planners and designers to complete the additional sections of the plan.

In addition to development of the two designated planning area sections, Houseal Lavigne created a separate style guide document, demonstrating stylized planning area maps, issue specific vignettes, and veritable charts, graphs, tables, and layouts in a clear and concise manner. The document and illustrations were carefully constructed to maintain high quality design while considering other planning professionals would need to reproduce those efforts. Toward the end of the project, training sessions were held with City staff to teach skills in the various programs use to create the plans.

Chicago Neighborhood Now-Calumet-1 copy

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