Elmhurst Downtown Plan

Downtown Elmhurst is a charming suburban downtown located roughly twenty miles west of Chicago’s Loop. Due to changing market conditions, development pressures, and shifting community priorities, the City hired Houseal Lavigne Associates to update its Downtown Plan in 2015. Specific emphasis was placed on developing a detailed policy framework for increasing building heights, reducing residential parking requirements, improving building design, and enhancing circulation. Workshops and open houses were very well attended, and more than 750 individuals submitted survey responses.

The Plan established four functional land use zones that provide recommendations for character, land use, intensity, and built form. Design guidelines were included to inform the design process and ensure that new buildings match the desired community aesthetic. A Regulatory Strategies Framework identified needed changes to the zoning ordinance, future land use map, building code, and development processes, providing the Plan Commission and City Council the direction they need to begin plan implementation.

Elmhurst Downtown Plan Update-1 CROPPED2

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