Elmhurst Subarea Plans

Due to changing market conditions and opportunities, and outdated plans that no longer provided proper guidance, the City of Elmhurst hired Houseal Lavigne to develop five detailed Subarea Plans for key areas of the community, including the Lake Street Corridor, North Avenue and Route 83, First Street and York Street, the York and Vallette Business District, and York Street and Butterfield Road. The condition of each area was reviewed, including each area’s unique challenges, strengths, and opportunities. Goals were then identified for each subarea, aimed at strengthening the desirability and success of each area, encourage appropriate uses and development, and improving the functionality and appearance of the public realm. The resulting plans utilized concise text, visualizations, and a highly illustrative approach to convey the application of best practices, market viability, and creative strategies to spur the private- and public-sector investment need to improve each area.