Fairview Heights Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fairview Heights is a vibrant community of over 17,000 in southern Illinois, located just 12 miles east of St. Louis. In 1970 the city saw tremendous growth with the opening of the St. Clair Square shopping mall, but more recently has been overshadowed by developments in rapidly growing communities to the east. In 2010 the city sought to update their comprehensive plan to address slowed growth and vacant shopping centers, aiming to preserve existing commercial while diversifying its employment and commercial base. In addition, staff hoped to improve aging commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods.

The Fairview Heights Comprehensive Plan brought in new voices to create a strategic framework that will guide future decision-making, ensure Fairview Heights successfully navigates its evolution from rapid growth and expansion to placemaking and reinvestment. The plan will also safeguard the city’s place as a regional commercial destination while providing an increasingly high quality of life for its local residents.

Fairview HeightsComp Plan-31 copy

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