Grundy County Comprehensive Plan

Grundy County, Illinois, is a diverse area at the southwestern edge of the Chicago region. The County includes growing urban communities in its northern third, vast areas of prime farmland, former mining areas that have been converted into nature preserves and residential development, and the Illinois River and I & M Canal State Trail.

The County chose Houseal Lavigne Associates to assist with an update to its Comprehensive Plan. The recommendations of the Plan reflect four key principles – Preserve, Compete, Sustain, and Coordinate. “Preserve” refers to maintaining the predominantly rural and agriculture character of the County through targeted development areas and growth patterns that prevent sprawl. “Compete” implies a proactive effort to capture industrial and economic development in concentrated areas around highways, river corridors, and railways. “Sustain” describes the community’s focus on prime agricultural land, historic heritage, and the Illinois River corridor as defining characteristics. “Coordinate” speaks to the importance of working with local municipalities, agencies, not-for-profits, industrial leaders, and other partners in attaining the community’s vision. Together these principles provide a concise concept to guide the County in preparation for the future.

Grundy County Comprehensive Plan-1 copy

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