Hawthorn Woods Comprehensive Plan

Hawthorn Wood is a rural community on the edge of the Chicago metropolitan region, where potato farms, horse farms, riding stables, and plant nurseries are common local assets. In 2013, the Village contracted Houseal Lavigne Associates to establish a vision for targeted growth and change while preserving the areas rural aesthetic. Past planning initiatives had established guidelines for commercial development to preserve rural assets; however, the guidelines also limited the marketability of key sites within the Village.

The Hawthorn Wood Comprehensive Plan advances development strategies including conservation design to permit new development while being sensitive of the Village’s pastoral setting and supportive of the Village’s motto “Rural be Design.” In addition, conservation strategies aim to improve stormwater management throughout the Village, a key issue for Hawthorn Woods. Funded by a CDBG “Ike” grant, a key component of the document is a hazard mitigation plan that will enable the Village to enhance stormwater management efforts and mitigate damage caused by flooding, such as that experienced in April 2013. Regional transportation improvements, particularly the IL Route 53 extension, will increase traffic counts within the Village, providing an opportunity to leverage increased potential for commercial development in key areas.

Hawthorn Woods Comprehensive Plan-59 copy

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