Marion Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

After completing the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Houseal Lavigne was retained to develop an entirely new zoning ordinance to reflect the recommendations of the plan and provide improved regulations for infill development, outward growth, neighborhood stabilization, and revitalization of Historic Uptown. Key issues addressed in the zoning ordinance update included a new sign ordinance that enhances the appearance of the commercial areas, residential areas guidelines to improve the quality of housing within both new and established neighborhoods, and landscaping and subdivision regulations that promote the greening of new development and public rights-of-way to ensure the “greening” and attractiveness of new neighborhoods areas of development. A new overlay district for the Uptown area and related 7th Street corridor was also incorporated into zoning regulations regarding a greater mix of uses, tenant flexibility, signage, parking, landscaping, height and bulk standards, and setback regulations.

After the adoption of the new ordinance, Marion retained Houseal Lavigne once again to update the Comprehensive and zoning ordinance to address the municipal airport which the City had recently acquired.