New Lenox Route 30 Corridor Implementation Plan

In 2006 The Village of New Lenox developed a Corridor Revitalization Plan that focused on multi-modal transportation and corridor beautification. Following the economic recession of 2007; however, many of these original recommendations became financially unrealistic. The Route 30 Corridor Implementation Plan was developed to update recommendations from the original Corridor Revitalization Plan, with a heavy emphasis on implementation.

The Plan was structured with a unique approach to local application, providing implementation suited to both the public realm and private sector. Public realm recommendations focused on actions the Village could actively implement, such as improvements within the right-of-way and streetscaping. Private sector recommendations highlighted tools Village staff could use to implement plan objectives within private properties, such as programs to aid developers and business owners with façade improvements and landscaping. These approaches to implementation were complimented by a variety of visualizations, renderings, and illustrations to provide clear understanding of the Plan’s recommendations and concepts. By customizing implementation to local needs, the New Lenox Route 30 Corridor Implementation Plan became accessible, not just to Village staff, but to the wider community audience upon which it will have the greatest affect.

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