Reimagining Our Westmoreland County

As a notable and important Rust-Belt community, Westmoreland County experienced a lively and bustling economy from the Industrial Revolution through the post-World-War-II boom. However, like many other communities in this part of the country, Westmoreland County has experienced population loss and an economic slowdown, forcing businesses, employees, and residents in search of more viable opportunities elsewhere. Realizing that traditional planning was yielding few results, the County hired Houseal Lavigne to develop a more implementation-oriented and actionable comprehensive plan. Rather than a traditional land use-based approach, the new Comprehensive Plan, Reimagining Our Westmoreland, fully leveraged public, private, and not-for profit agencies and organizations to strategically focus on partnerships and accountability. A remarkable sense of stewardship was development across the county, focusing on a set of core objectives: Aligning workforce, education, employers, and entrepreneurship; Tourism and marketing; Repositioning municipal downtowns; Utilizing and engaging with parks and nature; Building healthy and whole communities; Plugging into technology and the new economy; and Creating transportation choices.