Richton Park Comprehensive Plan

Located on the southern edge of the Chicago region, Richton Park is poised for significant future growth and economic development. The Village enjoys regional connections through I-57 and Metra commuter rail service, and has available land for commercial, industrial, and residential investment.

The Village of Richton Park hired Houseal Lavigne Associates to assist in drafting a Comprehensive Plan update that will assist staff and elected officials in ensuring that the benefits of existing development are maximized while capitalizing on opportunities for new growth. Sauk Trail Road, the community’s primary commercial corridor, is the subject of a subarea plan that includes recommendations related to land use and development, transportation mobility, and urban design. The corridor is anchored to the east by the envisioned Town Center, which would transform obsolete shopping centers into a mixed-use pedestrian area, and to the west by the I-57 interchange, which is planned for significant regional retail and industrial development.

Richton Park Comprehensive Plan-32 copy

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