St. Joseph Downtown Master Plan

    Situated atop the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, Downtown St. Joseph is a charming, attractive, and active mixed-use district at the core of St. Joseph, Michigan. Downtown St. Joseph functions both as the cultural and social heart of the community and a major regional destination in Southwest Michigan, particularly during the summer months. The Downtown Vision Master Plan, directed and prepared by Houseal Lavigne, addresses specific issues related to land use and development, parking and transportation, pedestrian & bicycle mobility, urban design and character, and entertainment and activity. The Plan outlines six functional subareas and defines preferred uses, built form, and character. In addition, The Plan identifies key opportunities sites and features 3D illustrative concepts to visualize catalytic development that could transform the character of Downtown. Built upon an extensive community outreach, the Plan establishes a vision for Downtown St. Joseph and provides recommendations to improve the area while retaining its valued assets and distinct character.