Sunset Hills Unified Development Ordinance

Houseal Lavigne prepared a comprehensive plan for the City of Sunset Hills that included detailed subarea plans for the City’s three major corridors, Watson Road, Lindbergh Boulevard and Gravois Road. After plan adoption, Houseal Lavigne worked with the City to update its zoning, sign, and subdivision ordinances to align with the goals of the plan and to streamline and modernize the City’s land development regulations.

Based on the recommendations of the subarea plans, new zoning districts were created to regulate the City’s commercial areas in a more nuanced and context specific manner and design guidelines were established that met the community’s vision. Development standards were enhanced and use-specific standards were introduced to allow more development to occur as-of-right and fewer to require the planned unit development process. To maximize flexibility and usefulness of planned unit developments as a tool, the process was revised to ensure that any deviations resulted in a higher level of design and amenity through modification standards and site development allowances.