Touhy Triangle Market Study & Concept Plan

In 2013, Houseal Lavigne Associates was engaged by the Village of Niles, Illinois to prepare a market assessment, potential development program, and a market driven conceptual plan for a site commonly known as the “Touhy Triangle.” Through the market assessment, HLA was able to establish a variety of viable uses for the site, outlining various development options available to the Village. From these options, the local staff selected a preferred conceptual plan, which was expanded into a model visualizing that potential program for the study area.

A major component of the planning process, as established by the Village, was maintaining the iconic “Leaning Tower” structure as a focal point of the development. The resulting long-term plan for the site envisions the creation of a regional destination that includes a hotel and conference center development as well as retail, office, residential, and recreational uses. The plan further provides the typical requirements and needs of various uses, including specific national retailers, to enable a clear understanding of viable options for redevelopment of the site.

Niles Touhy Avenue-17 copy

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