Revised Draft Comprehensive Available for Review!

The Comprehensive Plan has been revised based on input from the Village Board and is available to view by clicking HERE.


  1. karen odonohue
    February 1, 2023

    What I think would help the Village is helping residents with flooding homeowner properties, instead of new trees, signs, and plaques.

    • Ramona Clucas
      February 1, 2023

      They will not even acknowledge that flooding is a problem. You are so right.

  2. Erin Pavlich
    February 2, 2023

    The emphasis on housing diversity is great. The plan appears to address all significant needs as well as all available solutions. I also liked the plan for multi family at Duane & Lorraine, but as someone who lives very close to this site, I hope that the village will address speeding along Lorraine before increasing density in this area. This corner may require an all way stop. At the very least, the yield sign should be replaced with a stop sign. I also hope that the village consider having condos at this site instead of apartments. This would address the extremely high prices for condos in the area. The village should consider redevelopment of the properties across the street from the proposed Duane & Lorraine development. Three of these homes are for sale and all are in very poor condition.

    The plans for additional bike infrastructure is great! I prefer to ride my bike instead of drive and the area should be safer for kids to ride bikes.

    The COD shuttle is also an excellent idea.

    The town needs to lower the speed limit to 25 like most other similar towns and add stop signs to reduce and eliminate unprotected intersections. Immediate action should be taken to increase traffic control around schools, including adding signs reminding drivers that they have to stop for pedestrians crossing the street. In the alternative, stop signs should be added. The schools should not have to rely on crossing guards who may not be on duty when all students are crossing. All intersections around schools should be 4 way stops. The current school pedestrian routs do not meet national guidelines. That said, as a person who walks and runs around the town, we should be concerned for pedestrian safety for all residents, not just kids. A commission should be put together to address neighborhood road and pedestrian safety.

  3. Julie Evans
    February 2, 2023

    I appreciate that the Draft Plan addresses the need for housing diversity. Please include specifically the need for supportive housing for people with disabilities. Since our community currently has little to none, why not plan for this ongoing need in the future? It will also tell anyone interested in developing such housing that this is a community need.

    • Stephanie Clark
      June 1, 2023

      I’m trying to understand how the Early Learning Campus (page 58) is part of the village plan and why. I may not be able to attend the meeting so here are my questions.

      1 – Trying to understand this line: “This collaborative relationship is an important factor when moving forward to investigate the possibility of a comprehensive community-wide early learning campus.”
      This makes is sound like the village is going to explore this? Am I misinterpreting it? If not the village, who is investigating this?

      2 – Did the school districts approach the village about such a collaboration or was it the other way around? Who initiated contact first? Was it the Superintendents? School Board Presidents? The village? I do know that Mark Franz met with D41 and D89 superintendents to discuss a few years ago. I’m not sure who set up the meeting, but it sounds like it was the village.

      My concern is why is the village getting involved with preschool at all? The school districts provide preschool to those at risk already. I’m pretty sure the rest of Glen Ellyn can afford preschool. Is more needed? Do you believe the taxpayers need to fund all preschool? D41 just went to referendum to build an expanded preschool center and the voters rejected it. They are now trying to figure out what to do with money and land and preschool is still in the mix. Doesn’t seem to require the village involvement.

  4. Lance Skala
    February 6, 2023

    On page 15 of the Comprehensive Plan, Parcel 5 labeled as Union Pacific Railroad and Illinois Prairie Path, is designated as future attached single family development. This parcel is owned by the DuPage County Forest Preserve and was acquired by the County in 2004 in order to preserve open space after much public outcry over a proposed residential development. The Plan should be revised to reflect the County’s objective of keeping these parcels as open space.


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