Village Board Public Hearing of Draft Comprehensive Plan is Monday, May 22!

The Comprehensive Plan has been revised based on input from the Village Board and is available to view by clicking HERE. The draft plan is being considered for adoption on Monday, May 22.

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  1. Julie Evans
    May 30, 2023

    Edits for Draft Comprehensive Plan Version Dated 5-18-23

    Submitted by Family/Caregiver Advocates on 5/30/23:
    Renie Atchison, Becky Beilfuss, Katie Clancy, Julie Evans, Matt Manzella, Sue Martin, Ed Scheer, Joel Spenadel

    1. Page 7 – Modify Objective 1 under Housing & Residential Areas goals – add words in bold
    Objective 1: Update Village codes to encourage development of a variety of housing types including townhomes, duplexes, condominiums, apartments, accessory dwelling units, and supportive housing for people with disabilities.

    2. Page 8 – Add new Objective under “Community Facilities” due to unique nature of support services people with disabilities may require.
    Objective 15: Facilitate provision of support services to disabled community.

    3. Page 8 – Revise Objective 11 under “Community Facilities” – delete & add words as follows:
    Objective 11: Provide special facilities and services for teens, senior citizens, the handicapped people with disabilities and other special-needs groups in need.

    4. Page 8 – Under “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” – delete & add words as follows:
    Under “Diversity” – Psychological, physical, intellectual, and social differences that occur among any and all individuals.

    Under “Inclusion” – The act of creating ensuring environments and facilities where in which any individual or group can be….

    5. Page 13 – Add new paragraph in Housing Diversity section alongside other groups listed in need of affordable/attainable housing – Senior Housing and Young Professional & Families (left side of page).

    Supportive Housing for People with Disabilities
    Supportive housing for this population is aimed at people with lifelong disabilities and low income potential who need long-term, affordable rental housing combined with social/health services to succeed in the community. Our community has identified supportive housing for people with disabilities as an unmet need. To expand housing choice for people with disabilities, the Village should evaluate strategies that would reduce barriers to increasing supportive housing solutions throughout the Village. This should include, but not be exclusive of, considering the use of accessory dwelling units, providing for the implementation of additional group/CILA homes (Community Integrated Living Arrangement), and refining development regulations to include affordable supportive housing rental units in new development. Supportive housing will enable people with disabilities to live as independently as possible, thrive, and contribute to the Glen Ellyn community.

    6. Page 14 – Remove existing “Supportive Housing” paragraph

    7. Page 72 – add new Recommended Action under “Residential Areas” section:
    Recommended Action: Evaluate options and reduce barriers for increasing the supply of supportive housing solutions for people with disabilities.

    Priority: 1

    Potential Partners: Property Owners, Supportive Housing Developers, Disability Service Providers


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