What is a Zoning Ordinance?

A Zoning Ordinance is a tool used to enforce planning decisions that can regulate the look and feel of an area, promote or restrict certain uses, control the density of households in an area, and promote public health, safety, and welfare.

What is a Sign Ordinance?

A sign ordinance is a tool that regulates the type, size, and location of signs throughout the City.

Why do we need to update our current zoning ordinance and land use regulations?

The Zoning and Sign Ordinances have not been comprehensively updated since 1996. Many changes have occurred in the past 23 years, making it necessary for ordinances to change as well. The Zoning Ordinance contains standards that are outdated, difficult to administer, and is not user-friendly. It lacks many modern standards that address topics such as mixed-use development and sustainability.

Why is the City updating its codes now?

The City has been through a number of transitions over the past few years with several new City Council members and Department Heads coming on board, including a new City Administrator. With new leadership and accelerated growth and development in the City, the Mayor and City Council find it an opportune time to review and update the City’s Zoning and Sign Ordinance.

What will the Zoning and Sign Ordinances do?

The Zoning and Sign Ordinances will provide a “user-friendly,” easy-to-read document that can be understood and interpreted by all users, including residents, staff, developers, and elected and appointed officials. The ordinances will integrate graphics, illustrations, and tables to clarify regulations and standards, allowing regulations to be applied and enforced fairly and consistently. When finished, the ordinances will help to streamline the development review process, encouraging development, redevelopment, and innovative approaches to land use regulation.

What won’t the Zoning and Sign Ordinances do?

It is impossible for the Zoning and Sign Ordinances to accommodate every situation. It will not prevent all non-conformities nor eliminate the need for zoning relief. The general rule is that the ordinances will seek to regulate the norm, not the exception.

When will the rewrite process start and when will it be completed?

The initial phases of the Zoning and Sign Ordinance Rewrite have begun, with anticipated completion in Winter 2020.

How can I get involved in the process?

Residents, business owners, and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the process of rewriting the Zoning and Sign ordinances. Visit the Get Involved page of this site to learn about upcoming events you can attend as well as online ways to provide us with your feedback.