Thank you for participating in the Community Workshop!

Thank you to all who joined us at the Master Plan Community Workshop on May 2nd at the Wyoming Library! Approximately 40 people attended to provide feedback on issues, opportunities, and key assets that should be considered in the creation of the Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan. All input will be summarized and posted on the website shortly in the Documents page.

The next step in the planning process is the existing conditions analysis, which will incorporate outreach as well as a review of City conditions to establish a shared understanding of Wyoming today. This step will culminate in the Issues and Opportunity Memorandum (IOM), which helps guide the development of goals, objectives, and planning recommendations for the Master Plan.

If you were unable to attend the workshop or wish to provide additional feedback, see the Get Involved page to complete online questionnaires or use to map out issues and opportunities in the community. Check back soon for information about future workshops and events, which will be posted to the Community Meetings page.