The Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan has been adopted!

The Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan was unanimously approved by City Council on March 1, 2021. Prior to that the Plan was adopted by the Wyoming Planning Commission. Thank you to everyone who participated in the planning process! To view the final Plan, visit the Documents page.

Public comment period is open for the draft Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan!

On August 17, 2020, City Council passed a resolution for Wyoming [re]Imagined, the City of Wyoming’s proposed master plan, to officially begin its 63-day public comment period required by State law before consideration for adoption. The Plan is the product of a 14-month planning process, which included public engagement with residents, the business community, and […]

Draft Master Plan is in the works!

The draft Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan is currently in development. On April 27th, 2020, the project team met with the Steering Committee to review the draft Land Use Plan and outline for the Vision, Goals, and Policies. The feedback received is now being incorporated into the draft. Please stay tuned for when the draft Master […]

We need your help. Volunteer to conduct a Visioning Workshop!

The City has now entered the visioning stage of the planning process for the Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan! The City is seeking to work together with community members to establish a “vision” for the future of the community. This includes identifying potential locations for new development and improvement projects within the City, such as new […]

The Issues & Opportunities Report has been posted!

The Issues & Opportunities Memorandum (IOM) is in the process of being finalized! The IOM presents a snapshot of existing conditions of the City of Wyoming today, including an assessment of the City’s market and demographics, land use, transportation, parks and open space, and community facilities. The planning process is now in the visioning stage where […]

The Metro Cruise Immersive Outreach Summary is now available!

We had a great time speaking with attendees at this years’ Metro Cruise event about their perception of the City and what they would change to make it a better place! The full summary of the immersive outreach can be found on the Documents page by clicking here.

Join the discussion at the next Community Workshop!

Community Workshop The next Community Workshop will provide a chance to work with your neighbors and fellow community members to establish a “vision” for the future of Wyoming. The workshop will feature an interactive exercise where participants use markers and maps to develop their ideas for the City and identify key issues and opportunities. The City […]

Steering Committee Meeting and Community Workshop Summaries are now available!

Thank you again to all who participated in the Steering Committee Meeting and Community Workshop! The feedback shared and the discussions that took place regarding the strengths, issues, and opportunities in Wyoming have been summarized for each. To view the summaries, visit the Documents page of this website. If you were unable to attend the […]

Thank you for participating in the Community Workshop!

Thank you to all who joined us at the Master Plan Community Workshop on May 2nd at the Wyoming Library! Approximately 40 people attended to provide feedback on issues, opportunities, and key assets that should be considered in the creation of the Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan. All input will be summarized and posted on the […]

Come participate at the Community Workshop!

Join us at the Community Workshop on Thursday, May 2nd to give input on local issues and opportunities facing Wyoming in preparation for the Master Plan! The Workshop will present information about the planning process and include an exercise to identify important concerns, assets, and potential projects that would impact the future of Wyoming. Your feedback […]