Community Planning & Urban Design

At Houseal Lavigne, we believe that urban planning is essential for communities to realize their vision and potential. Our team of experts works closely with community stakeholders to build a foundation of engagement and accurate assessment of influences and opportunities. We deliver vision-driven, responsive, creative, and viable plans for everything from entire regions and city-wide initiatives to individual neighborhoods and priority infill sites. Our approach to planning enables communities to take action, make a difference, and bring their vision to life.

We offer an extensive range of planning and urban design services to help our clients achieve their goals. Our services include comprehensive planning, downtown planning, neighborhood and subarea planning, corridor planning, site planning, transit-oriented development planning, housing planning, strategic planning, parks and recreation master planning, and many others. No matter the scope or complexity of your project, our team has the expertise and experience to deliver a visionary, innovative and effective plan that exceeds your expectations.

Engaging Citizen Participation

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to design and conduct engaging and effective community outreach. It is a vital part of all of our planning projects and we believe it is a necessary component of any successful planning process.

Illustrative Format and Quality Graphics

All of our projects incorporate a highly illustrative and graphic approach to communicating planning and development policies and recommendations. The results of this approach are reports and plans that are attractive, distinctive, and easy to use and understand.

Targeted Implementation

Identifying the “next steps” to be taken is an important part of any good plan. Implementation steps outline the projects and actions to be taken and identify responsibilities, timing, and funding options.

Vision, Creativity and Innovation

With the help of the community, our urban planning firm establishes a "Vision" that embodies the spirit and character of the local area. We facilitate an inclusive process that encourages diverse perspectives and fosters innovative ideas to shape a sustainable and vibrant future for the community.