Zoning & Development Regulations

At Houseal Lavigne, we understand that zoning and other land development regulations are essential tools for municipalities to implement plans and policies effectively. Often, communities adopt plans with clear visions but hesitate to implement the necessary land development regulations to achieve their objectives. This can hinder investment and development opportunities. However, properly drafted land development regulations can remove barriers and provide clear expectations and certainty, making preferred development easy.

With vast experience working with municipalities across the United States on zoning, sign, and subdivision ordinance updates and rewrites, Houseal Lavigne has the expertise needed to deliver innovative, easy-to-use, and defensible land development regulations aligned with your community's vision and goals.

User Friendly Regulations

We are a national leader in graphic communication and document design. All our codes include engaging charts, tables, and graphics that make regulations clear and easy to understand without the assistance of an attorney.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Houseal Lavigne has extensive experience assessing existing zoning regulations and testing proposed amendments to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the impacts and benefits of potential changes.

Effective and Equitable Engagement

Early community consensus building in zoning updates pays off in project adoption. Houseal Lavigne uses procedural modeling tools to visualize potential development and test how different standards impact built form, facilitating consensus.

Subject Matter Experts

Houseal Lavigne is widely known as an expert in zoning. Our team has presented on zoning topics at national and state chapter conferences of the American Planning Association (APA) and has authored technical articles featured in APA's Zoning Practice publication.