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Welcome to the Technology in Planning Webinar Series! In this three part series, we will address key concerns that the planning community is facing today. Each event will dive into a different topic area to discuss how our team uses cutting edge geospatial technology workflows to solve complex planning-related challenges.

Event 1: Leveraging GIS In Zoning To Address Housing Diversity, Density, and Development

Communities across the country are facing a housing availability and affordability crisis. To address the issue, many are developing plans and policies that promote housing stock diversification. However, when those proposals are brought forward by developers, neighbors often fiercely oppose them citing a concern over a perceived change in the character of their community and loss in property value and quality of life.

This webinar focuses on workflows that help communities balance the concerns of residents and the demands of the housing market. Topics to be addressed include identifying and minimizing regulatory barriers to housing, finding viable opportunities for housing development, using procedural modeling to visualize potential development, and community engagement.

Event 2: Planning

In this webinar you will discover the potential to leverage GIS to enhance your planning work. Learn how geospatial tools can be utilized to analyze complex systems, uncover demographic insights, and incorporate environmental considerations within the planning profession.

We will explore how GIS can empower projects in many different areas, such as land use, climate change, and sustainability. Participants will also learn how to use GIS to uncover valuable insights to help shape more inclusive and equitable communities.

Join us to engage with fellow planners, GIS experts, and industry thought leaders, sharing experiences and best practices for implementing GIS technology effectively.

Event 3: Navigating the Future: Integrating GIS and Digital Twins for Effective Planning

In this webinar, we delve into the potential of digital twins, demonstrating how they're reshaping urban planning. The talk will showcase the practical application of Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, including CityEngine and Game Engines, in developing immersive 3D models of planning proposals. These interactive models help citizens and decision makers to better understand the impacts and benefits of proposals and foster consensus-building. The webinar will explore innovative tools like the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Game Engines, which can create a playable, 3D digital twin of your community using existing GIS data. This empowers communities to visualize multiple outcomes from a first-person perspective, improving comprehension of design and policy decisions.